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Property Management

"Innovation, professionalism, and trustworthiness" are the three advantages we are proud of. In the fierce competition in property management industry, LIXIN Group introduce international management model, and constantly accumulate actual management experience in different fields including “real estate”, "tourism" and "catering". We strive to carry out breakthrough in management technology, study the market and meet customers’ needs. LIXIN Group is always faithful to every commitment we made to our prestigious customers. LIXIN Group cultivates talents, equip them with skills and expertise to meet international business needs, and provide our international clients with top-notch property management services. We would persist in questing perfection for our property system, meanwhile we would integrate resources and push social development.

GC Trust(GCT)


GC Trust is financial company with legally set trust according to the Trust law of Cambodia Kingdom. It was approved by the Cambodia government and Securities and Exchange Commission to run capital trust, land trust and property trust. It is a financial company with legal trust license approved by Cambodia. We are good at providing different services based on different situation and demands of appointer. we provide investors not only the return of the investment, but also a legal safe protection. We act as a bridge between Cambodia and various foreign investors. Under the government law and regulations, appointers can invest with no worries.

  • GC Trust(GCT)

GC Fund(GCF)


GC Fund is a financial company managing large size assets. It is one of the most decisive financial companies in the country. With elite professionals and vivid professional knowledge, it provides clients Cambodian property and financial investment management, gaining the best return for investors. As a first offshore fund focusing on Cambodia, GC Fund gained trust from clients by having strong investment network and leading investment insight in Cambodia. Fund products include Cambodia property management investment projects and property developing fund. All the products are appointed to independent third party project manager in Hong Kong.

  • GC Fund(GCF)

Gambling Property Management

LIXIN - Harbour City

LIXIN Technology Park is a multi-functional project. We blended villas, offices, activities center, hotel, food court, and casinos into the 6-hectare project. Smart and economical friendly buildings are ready to create modern and high-tech life experience for thousands of our clients.
We also utilize 24-hour Internet technology to offer high-quality property management and community service through unified systems on our platform; access control, parking, management, community security, and smart home systems are all included.
Details in daily life are also our concerns; we build picturesque weatherproof corridor connected the entire community; in addition, 5,000 square meters of restaurants, 10,000 square meters of activity center, swimming pool, and sauna are built to provide best living quality as well.

  • Gambling Property Management
  • Gambling Property Management
  • Gambling Property Management

Estate Property Management

We committed to create a safe and stable platform of overseas investment for our clients.
When product is still under initial planning process, we considered future rental trend and market liquidity, and established an international-level property management company to support leasing or selling service for oversea clients.
Our mission is to be the strongest support for you.

  • Estate Property Management
  • Estate Property Management
  • Estate Property Management

Oversea Property Management

The most important part of overseas investment is the profit model; especially when it comes to overseas properties, Rental rate of return and market liquidity are the two keys.
Our team customized investment profiles enable customers to obtain maximum return on investment under appropriate risk management; we also arrange personal agents to keep track of property sales and rent management.
We aim to provide our customers with professional and considerate one-stop sales service.

  • Oversea Property Management
  • Oversea Property Management

Warehouse Property Management

Our Warehouse Property Management Teams specializes in international transportation and logistics, warehousing, distribution, import and export agents, and all relevant service.
Our service covers bulk cargo consolidation, international shipping, international air transport, sea-land-air transportation, China-Hong Kong-Macao transportation, warehousing and cargo handling, agent service for import and export declaration, agent for customs inspection, and cargo insurance.
We, a comprehensive international logistics company, provides best service for our customers.

  • Warehouse Property Management
  • Warehouse Property Management
  • Warehouse Property Management