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Comprehensive health care, accompanied by technology, to create a healthy and beautiful life

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LIXIN BIOTECH CO.,LTD is based on the core spirit of “Comprehensive health care, accompanied by technology, to creating a healthy and beautiful life”. Adhere to the concepts of innovative, and operate with the large health industry project cluster as the core. We adhere to the innovative concepts to develop a series of complex balanced, harmonious, natural, environmentally, and green products. Our core business includes biopharmaceuticals, health food, international hospitals, medicals research institutes, hospitals investment management and health care. Technological innovation is the source of life of LIXIN BIOTECH, and product quality is the foundation of life. While research and development, we also work closely with many biotechnology companies, starting from product source management, with the most stringent quality control, from raw materials the GMP factories, and then to the hand of consumers, we always keep our product green, safe, professional, high quality to checking up your health.


Lixin Group is the general agent of Germagic long-acting intelligent anti-virus coating in Cambodia. The product has passed the US Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency, referred to as EPA) testing standards, tested with the "real new coronavirus", and proved to be effective in killing 99.99% of SARS-Cov2. The product has obtained more than ten global patents

  • Germagic


An innovative traditional Chinese medicine jointly developed by the institutes of Chinese Medicine and a team of clinical Chinese physicians, as a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of severe and special pneumonia. Through multiple tests, it inhibits the activity and replication of the virus, which can reduce symptoms and help accelerate the speed of recovery. It has been sold to Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.

  • COVHealth™

Lixin Herbal Tea

Lixin Herbal Tea is a customized health drink developed according to different physiques of the human body to enchance immunity and build a healthy defence network in the body. And the use of a secret special construction method does not require a long time of decoction and cooking, and more effective nutrients are not lost or decomposed. This product contains 20 kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicine such as Houttuynia cordata , Astragalus, Polygonatum, Ginseng, Honeysuckle, etc. The taste is refreshing and sweet.

  • Lixin Herbal Tea