Letter From the Executive Director
LIXIN Group deep roosted in Cambodia and focus on future

Words from CEO

Foresee and grab opportunities

Cambodia is a country rich in historical humanities and resources.
Under the steady leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Cambodia is reckoned as one of the highly regarded and the most suitable for investment country among ASEAN.
There are positive factors including Pro-Chinese position, no Exchange Control, allowing foreign investors to hold 100% shares of local company. All advantages make Cambodia possess colossal development potential!
In the countrys development process, LIXIN Group foreseen its promising future as a cosmopolitan city that plays important role in the world.It is our pleasure to cooperate with iconic Cambodian conglomerate and setup headquarter of LIXIN Group in Phnom Penh for the initiation of long term development on this land.

Land development ─ speed up the construction with each of the industries

Land development and urban planning is transforming the city, creating more jobs and therefore stimulate and promote many industries including entertainment, economics, and culture businesses.
Under the joint promotion with local groups, LIXIN Group has prepared dozens of development projects in Cambodia.
In the future, with buildings and constructions established by LIXIN Group, we would ingrain ourselves in Cambodia and push the country toward international market.


Cultivate talents, prepare for the future

LIXIN group is invested by both Chinese and Cambodian capital.
We believe that a successful corporate group must fully award of local development trend and cultivate local human resources sustainably.
Only knowing country development trend can we utilize our resources in most efficient way. By cultivating talents, LIXIN Group blend Cambodian spirit into our core value, and therefore make all of our 7 businesses more close to public pulse.
Cambodia has the largest generation of youth in its history, and these passionate and energetic young people are the key for the countrys progress.
Hence, LIXIN Group setup well-designed talent cultivation system in each of our businesses. Our goal is to provide complete and competitive training for the energetic you people and further boost economic growth.


Achieve favorable results with multiple contacts

With some time and effort, LIXIN Group is now deep rooted in Cambodia and expanded into 7 businesses base on local needs.
Now, the transformation of this country has been shown internationally. Countries propose numbers of programs including :One belt One Road, AEC、RCEP、and TPP, that concludes Cambodia as an essential factor.
Cambodia is now standing at a critical position in the rising tide of rearranging global situation, and LIXIN Group is determined to rise with the strength of the trend. In the future, we will continue promoting our businesses and bring more changes to Cambodia, the land that hope and promising future.