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Media news 2020-03-16

Cambodia bans all citizens of country from travelling to EU, US, and Iran in move to curb COVID-19 spread

After imposing a ban on arrivals of citizens from US, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Iran Saturday, Prime Minister Hun Sen has issued an order late yesterday,  urging Cambodians to refrain from travelling to Europe, the United States, and Iran to avoid Covid-19 pandemic.

In the circular, the premier recommended four points, including:

First, all citizens must not travel to Europe, the United States, and Iran unless highly mandatory.

Second, all ministries and institutions of national and sub-national levels must not attend any meetings held in Europe, the United States, and Iran.

Third, if necessary, the invited institutions must inform Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send representatives based at the host country to attend the meetings instead.

Fourth, all government officials and citizens returning from Europe, the United States, and Iran require 14-day quarantine in accordance to the procedures determined by Ministry of Health.

Cambodia’s COVID-19 situation changed rapidly in the past two weeks after the first case was detected on a Chinese tourist from Wuhan, China in late January.