Business Plan
LIXIN Group deep roosted in Cambodia and focus on future
Operations Planning

Make the world follows!

We are never satisfied with being a leader in just one territory. Our goal is to make the world follows. LIXIN Group has deep rooted in Cambodia long before other countries have noticed Cambodia. We become a mature and colossal group, diversified operation plan from business properties, to entertainment and catering. As the top group in each industries, we shoulder the social responsibility of "industry upgrading" and “industries integration”. In addition to innate environmental tourism resources, Cambodia is also noted with its colossal FDI and crucial role in international economical strategies. Now is the time—environment, resources, policies and other opportunities are already in place—LIXIN Group is catching up with this world trend and step onto the international market. We will insist in breakthrough and innovation, peruse further achievement and upgrade each industries. In overall development, LIXIN Group would continue expanding our business scale. Through rapid progress in every aspect, Cambodia is becoming the shining star definitely not negligible. Rooted in Cambodia, LIXIN Group would spread our spirit and make our name famous throughout the world.


Professional competence

Affiliated company

LIXIN Group has 7 major business sections, and will continue investing and leading many territories.
With co-opetition, s mutually beneficial co-operation, interdisciplinary development strategies, we would lead rapid growth in Cambodia.

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