Core Values

We will insist in breakthrough and innovation, peruse further achievement and upgrade each industries. In overall development, LIXIN Group would continue expanding our business scale.Through rapid progress in every aspect, Cambodia is becoming the shining star definitely not negligible.

LIXIN Group would spread our spirit and make our name famous throughout the world.
Core Values


  • Construction Business

  • Catering Business

  • Hotel Business

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    LIXIN Group has deep rooted in Cambodia, and possessed great strength in development, planning and service. We start with excellent construction vision, establish many great construction projects that bloom on this land. Also, respond accordingly to the government’s development policies, and massive infrastructure and transportation projects, LIXIN Group made national urban planning for the next ten years, twenty years, and even thirty years. Through local constructions, we can attract more business or investors to come to Cambodia, and thereby accelerate the prosperity speed of Cambodia. In addition to real estate development industry, LIXIN Construction is diversified, which includes business property, tourism property. We adhered to all-comprehensive and international mindset in order to promote Cambodia construction industry which would make the world stunned.

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    Catering is an important role in culture which is most close to daily life. Also it is an activator to sightseeing and business. LIXIN Group committed to establishing the world-class food culture benchmark in Cambodia. Therefore, we hire international chefs and continue the business model proves to be successful in international catering industry. We focus on special ingredients, decoration and atmosphere, insist in catering spirit of five-star service and details, then build catering brands well-known among celebrities as “Oriental Banquet”, “Liu-Ge Steam Hot Pot” and “Dim Dim Sum.” We will continue introduce more international catering brand to bring unforgettable feast for all distinguished guests. Through our unique and delicate business model, we would raise the catering standard of Cambodia.

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    Cambodia is an emerging country nearly 30 billion FDI and with about 5 million tourism population. The country plays crucial roles in global trade, tourism and entertainment business, which attract elites and investors to come. To serve these guests from all over the world, LIXIN Group combines existing businesses, forge first rate hotel business model which involve entertainment, resort features. one of the “top-10 beach in Asia”. All of above hotels serves with first class Concierge Service and with diverse and exquisite gambling-entertainment well-known throughout the nation. Through our systematical operation, we would bring our guests unique and lavish living experience and countless business opportunities for Cambodia.

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